Welcome to my website!

I've always done art, in many forms, but, for me, clay came to the fore just over a decade ago. It is ceramic sculpture that fascinates me the most, my main themes being myths and legends, folklore, and ancient warriors. 

The criteria for all the work is that it is essentially made to please me, whether it is a commission, a gift or is ultimately to sell. This ensures that there is a continued enjoyment in the process of creating unique, entirely hand-built pieces of sculpture.

In the last few years, some of the ceramic pieces have been used to take silicone moulds from, which are then used to cast in resin with various metallic elements suspended in it, (bronze, iron, aluminium etc.). Known as cold-casting, the results can be treated and aged, just like the real metals, giving unique patinas and effects. These pieces have been selling across Europe and, especially, the USA.

Most recently, I've had some ceramic scupltures cast in real bronze at the Talos Art Foundry in Andover, UK and, hopefully, these projects will continue to grow with other ceramic sculptures taking the same course.

That said, it is clay, and all its infinite possibilities, that will always be the number one thing for me.

I hope you enjoy the website and my work and look forward to hearing from and selling my work to you. Remember, you are always welcome!

Influences: Ray Harryhausen, Carl Giles, Gustav Vigeland, NC Wyeth, Caravaggio, Michael Sowa, Edmund Dulac, myths, folklore and legends.