Artwork Policies


The piece you buy is the one in the photos.

All of the pieces are handmade by me, except for the bronzes, which have been expertly moulded and cast by the Talos Art Foundry , Andover, UK, from my original ceramic sculpture.

The ceramic sculptures, are unique, one of a kind pieces. I will always say whether a piece has been used to cast copies for bronzes or resins from it.

With the pieces made from resin, I have made the original and then moulded them in silicone, after which they are hand cast and individually patinated.

I will add new pieces to the site when they become available. Follow me on my Instagram page to get updates and more... the link is at the bottom of the page.


I will always state in the description of each piece whether it is a one of a kind, handbuilt piece, a limited edition, or an open edition.

LIMITED EDITION BRONZES: All of the bronzes are limited editions, usually in a series of twelve. Each piece is invidually stamped with the edition number and the Talos Art Foundry makers stamp, as well as my signature. When the edition is finished, no more bronzes will be made from that mould.

LIMITED EDITION COLD-CAST RESINS: The limited edition pieces cast in resin with stains or metal powders, are also limited editions, unless otherwise stated. They will have the edition number and the date of casting etched into it. Once the edition is finished, no more will be made of it.

OPEN EDITION RESINS: These pieces will not have an edition number or date of casting etched into them. There is no restriction to how many can be made.

COLD-CASTING: This is a process where real metal powders are mixed and suspended into quality resins, then cast into a silicone mould that has been taken from the original piece. Afterwards, and with some work using acids, stains or waxes (or all three), the surface of the casting will take on the appearance and properties of whatever metal has been used. This is how, for example, a 'cast iron' piece is able to rust. The patination process is stopped by applying a clear, museum quality wax.

All measurements and weights of each piece are approximate.


I have tried to make the photos of the pieces as representative as possible but, with all devices you may view them on, there may be a slight variant in the colours.

I am happy to send you more detailed photos of any piece for sale on the website, should you wish to see them.

If you have any queries or questions, large or small, please do contact me.